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How Much Money is My Accident Case Worth? How Can I Determine the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer varies with each and every case and with the expertise and experience of the personal injury attorney working on an injury case and how skilled they are in navigating the accident insurance world, negotiating and litigating. (Experience makes the difference!)

Basically, your case is worth either what you agree with the insurance company it is worth or the amount of cash award awarded to you by a court of law.

There are many variables that go into answering this most important question. Here are a few:

  • How much insurance is available? (For example, if a personal injury case is worth $100,000 but there is only $10,000 available in insurance coverage, then the case is more than likely worth only $10,000, because that is probably all they will get out of it).

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Make sure you are protected with adequate insurance coverage including Uninsured Motorist Coverage!

  • How serious are the injuries? (For example, if there is $250,000 worth of insurance coverage, but the injuries are minor, the case will be worth much less than the $250,000). Check out this Library Article for more information on this.
  • How much damage was done to the vehicle?
  • How much are the person’s medical bills and projected future medical bills?
  • How much income was lost because of the accident and future loss of income?
  • Were there any prior or preexisting medical conditions?
  • Who was at fault in the accident? (Florida is a comparative fault state, if there is more than one person at fault for the crash the value of the case will be affected.)

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Unless you are in the business of evaluating and settling cases for a living you should look to an experienced personal injury attorney for guidance.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: If you have what may be a serious injury, it is important to get legal advice early on to avoid making a mistake that could wreck your case.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Beware, there are many strategies employed by insurance companies to settle cases for less than full value! Don’t become a victim a second time.

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