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How Can I Properly Inflate My Car’s Tires?

Driving on under-inflated tires is a major safety hazard, so here’s a quick guide on how to properly inflate your car’s tires:

  1. Locate recommended pressure (PSI). Find your car’s recommended tire inflation specifications in your car’s driver side doorjamb; it’s usually printed on a yellow or white sticker. The recommended PSI may also be listed in the driver’s manual or glove box. The recommended air pressure for front and rear tires may differ. Generally, recommended PSI for a passenger vehicle with standard tires ranges from 27 to 32 PSI.

  2. Use a digital tire gauge. Remove tire valve cap and press gauge to tire when tires are cold. Check first thing in the morning or after allowing 30 minutes for the tires to cool down.

  3. Compare reading to spec. Compare tire gage readings to the car’s recommended pressure. If tire pressure is lower than recommended spec, then add air.

  4. Add air, if low. Add air by using a portable air compressor in your home garage, or use a gas station compressor to add air.

  5. Double check with tire gauge. Use tire gauge to ensure tire pressure is up to “specs.” If there is too much air, press gauge to valve to release some; re-check. If too little, add more air; re-check. Replace the valve cap. Warning: Overinflated tires are also dangerous. Do not exceed the maximum PSI listed on the tire itself.

  6. Repeat for all four tires.

As an experienced accident attorney in Ocala and the surrounding areas of Florida, I’ve seen tragic accidents and death caused by under-inflated tires, which may lead to catastrophic tire failure on hot roads while driving at high speeds. If safety isn’t enough incentive, check out the improved fuel economy and less money spent at the pump when driving on tires inflated to your car’s specifications.

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