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Can My Children Who Are Under 16 Drive an ATV or Go-Kart in Ocala?

Yes it is legal for a child under 16 to operate a ATV, but only on private or unpaved public land where the speed limit is less than 35 mph and only if certain requirements are met.

Those under 16.

  1. Must be directly supervised by a licensed driver; and
  2. Must wear a safety helmet, over-the-ankle boots and eye protection.

In addition, if they want to operate an ATV or a go-kart on public land, they must pass an approved off-highway vehicle safety course in Florida or another state. A nonresident of Florida who is under 16 and who is in Florida temporarily for less than 30 days is exempt from the safety course requirement.

As an accident attorney, I recommend that you review the following safety rules and laws:

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