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Meldon Law Joins King Of The Wing

Meldon Law took part in the annual King of the Wing event hosted at ARC Marion. Meldon Law partnered up with Wingzone of Ocala, located off of East Street, to help them towards the goal of being titled “King of the Wing!” During the event Meldon Law offered our Gift Boxes to those in attendance. There were many people interested in the Meldon Law Accident Kits and a few had a chance to speak with Jeffrey Meldon while on site. The King of the Wing guests were educated on who Meldon Law is and how helpful our Accident Guides and insurance materials are. This was a great opportunity for Meldon Law and hopefully this can become an annual event for them as well. Congratulations to Mojos Grill for winning the King of the Wing 2016 trophy.

Photo Courtesy of Mojos grill

Pictured: (left) Jerry Davis (right) Jeffrey Meldon

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