Investigator and Tech Support

I have been with the Meldon Law Firm since 2002. Born to Cuban parents, I grew up in Miami and moved to Gainesville in the late 1980s. Below is a summary of some of my job duties at The Office:


  • In-Office Tech Support
  • Investigator
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Director of Transportation
  • Videographer and Photographer.
  • Translator


I have a beautiful and supportive wife, Martha, and two amazing children, Manny Jr. who is attending UF and Jessica, who is attending Santa Fe College. I am a Gator, Hurricane, and Dolphins fan.

“Manny is an essential part of the office. When something needs to get done he is always willing to help and sticks with it till the job is done. He is also the one that will take on a job that no one else wants to do.”