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Charles Rickie
Charles Rickie
Marketing Director

Charles Rickie

Thank you for clicking on my BIO, and taking the time to learn more about me…
My name is Charles Edward Rickie, and I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I have 4 daughters and enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.  I have a tremendous passion for ALL things marketing!  I’ve been involved in Sales & Marketing for roughly 25 years and love that fact that a great idea can turn into an accountable solution that can be measured.  My brain never stops, therefor I take pride in helping friends, clients, and of course Meldon Law solve problems and tackle marketing objectives while achieving goals.  I’ve been a member of BNI for 4 years serving as VP, and President.  I was a board member for the YMCA.  I am a Cicerone Level 1 as I have a tremendous passion for Craft Beer! I love poker, sports betting, fantasy sports, and while I’m not good at golf…I enjoy playing whenever I can.   I have a Marketing Podcast called…The LCG Podcast with Elio Piedra.  I host Trivia 2 nights a week….. to say that I am busy would be an understatement, but I enjoy staying active.  
Some Fun Facts: 

  • I’ve had at least over 100+ people over the last 15-20 years tell me that I look like Tim Curry!
  • I’ve been on roughly 75+ cruise ships, but only cruised once in my life!
  • My Wedding anniversary is on Cinco De Mayo!
  • I went to Jennifer Lopez’s 21st birthday
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