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U-Turn-Ocala Accident Lawyer Explains, How to Miss Your Turn, Safely

Do you know what the U-Turn laws are in Florida? Ocala accident attorney, Jeffrey Meldon, discusses U-Turns – the When’s and How’s of doing it legally and safely in Florida.

Crashes at intersections are the most deadly type of traffic accident. Not only do red light runners contribute to the ‘zone of fatality,’ but also cars making illegal u-turns.

In 2007, drivers making improper turns, such as illegal u-turns, contributed to approximately 4,300 deaths and injuries on Florida’s roadways.

So, what is an improper u-turn? Florida law states that a driver of any vehicle may only turn to proceed in the opposite direction when:

  • § The turn can be completed safely without interfering with the flow of traffic; and
  • § Unless prohibited by a posted traffic sign. (F.S. §316.1515(2010))

In general, only make a U-turn when it’s safe and there isn’t a posted “No U-Turn” sign. Making an improper u-turn is not only unsafe, it’s a “ticketable”, non-moving violation.

It’s also important to know u-turn rules for interstates and highways. Florida law only permits crossing over a divided highway, like I-75 or the Florida Turnpike, when it’s specifically authorized by a sign or the authorities. If you miss your exit, drive to the next off-ramp. (F.S. §316.090(2010))

Since we all miss turns now and again, here’s how to “u-turn” safely:

  1. Look left and right for pedestrians, bikes, and cars.
  2. If the light has just turned green, wait a few seconds before turning to avoid potential red light runners.
  3. If you creep into an intersection, and the light turns red, complete the turn if safe. Don’t back up in the turning lane.
  4. Never make a u-turn on a curve, a hill, or anywhere drivers can’t see you for 500 feet.
  5. Keep your foot near the brake when turning, in case of an emergency stop.

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