May 2016 Meldon Law Newsletter

This Month’s Topic of Interest: May 2016 War Memorial in Gainesville Needs Our Help

I grew up in Gainesville, and spent a few years in the military after college. Now that I’m moving back here with my wife and our two little guys, it’s been really great to see what a veteran-friendly community we have here in Gainesville and throughout Alachua County and Marion County. There are upwards of 50 memorials, sites, and plaques in Gainesville alone remembering and honoring the fallen.

One particular site is the Veterans’ Memorial, which is located at the corner of SW 75th St. and SW 41st Place, also known as Kanapaha Park, in Gainesville. It is a linear memorial that basically presents as a timeline of events, with a number of pillars, each one representing a different military conflict. I was really disappointed (and a bit angry) when I looked at a recent newspaper and saw that vandals had recently destroyed a pillar at the Memorial representing all the service members who lost their lives since 9/11.

A movement is afoot to fix the memorial, to which our law firm is making a contribution. I’d like to welcome everyone else in the community to do the same. Feel free to let them know that you heard about the efforts from our firm! Make checks payable to The Veterans Memorial Committee at:

The Memorial Committee
3415 NW 46th Pl.
Gainesville, FL 32605

Memorial Day is coming up, and will be observed on Monday, May 30, 2016. Helping to get the Memorial fixed would be just one more way for a great community to remember and honor those who gave real meaning to the phrase “freedom’s never free.”