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Features and Functions of the Meldon Law Help! App’s Auto Accident Help Center

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Although no one plans to be in an accident, it is important to be prepared. With that fact in mind our law office has made a free custom App available for download on both iPhones and Androids.

The Meldon Law Help! App is designed to help those who are involved in an accident. The different features of the App are able to link to the microphone, GPS, dialing, and camera functions of your phone and utilize them to help you after you have been in accident. One such feature is the Meldon Law Help! quick-contact buttons. These buttons allow you to quickly and easily reach needed services after an accident such as:

  • 911 emergency responders;
  • The nearest tow-truck;
  • The nearest hospital.

With the ability to interact with your phones GPS system, it does not matter where the accident occurs—the App will be able to locate the services that you need. This feature is particularly invaluable if you are involved in an accident while traveling.

With this free app you can also use your smart phone to store and collect all of the relevant accident data in one simple, convenient accident form. The form includes sections for:

  • Your personal insurance information;
  • Insurance and contact information of the other driver;
  • Police information;
  • Audio witness statements;
  • Photographs of the crash scene.

All of this information will help you to document what happened at the scene of the crash—which will make dealing with any repairs, medical bills, or insurance companies much easier.

Additionally, if you are concerned about any legal implications of the crash, the App allows you to:

  • View our firm’s website;
  • Use a quick call button to contact an attorney;
  • Email the entire accident form—with all of the interviews, pictures, and other information you have collected—to our office;
  • Access hundreds of informative articles on personal injuries, auto accidents, safety laws, and other related topics on our site.

To download your exciting, Free, no obligation App, simply click on this link, or click on any of the icons at the top.

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