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Representing Injured Motorcyclists in South Florida

While riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, a motorcycle crash can be frightening. This is especially true because motorcyclists know how vulnerable and exposed they are compared to other motorists on the road. At Meldon Law, we have seen the many ways a motorcycle accident can change someone’s life and the physical, mental, and financial stress a crash can cause. Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers are proud to represent injured motorcyclists in and around the Fort Lauderdale area and work to protect their rights as accident victims.

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A Motorcycle Accident Can Happen to You

Florida has the second-highest number of registered motorcycles of all the states in the U.S. Florida also consistently has the most motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. According to crash statistics published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the following occurred in a single year in the Sunshine State:

  • 10,331 crashes involving a motorcycle
  • 8,256 injuries to motorcyclists
  • 742 injuries to motorcycle passengers
  • 515 motorcyclist fatalities
  • 30 motorcycle passenger fatalities

If you ride a motorcycle in Florida, be aware that the possibility of an accident is very real, as an average of 22 motorcyclists sustain injuries each day in our state. Because of the risks of injury, it is important to know what to do after a motorcycle accident to protect your rights.

First, you should always seek medical attention. Many motorcyclists may be in shock and may not feel the effects of injuries right away. The symptoms of other injuries – such as concussions – can develop days after a crash. If you undergo a prompt medical evaluation, you can begin treating your injuries as soon as possible to minimize any complications or losses.

Once your injuries are diagnosed and under treatment, you may begin to feel the financial stress of your accident, including medical bills, lost income if you had to miss work, and more. At this point, you should not delay in contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

Motorcyclists Can Suffer Devastating Injuries and Losses

One reason motorcyclists should definitely learn about their legal rights is that motorcycle accidents can cause devastating injuries. Many motorcyclists face a long recovery from their injuries and some motorcyclists never return to life as they knew it before the accident. The following are only some examples of common motorcycle injuries:

  • Fractured jaw
  • Fractured facial bones
  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Soft tissue sprains, strains, and tears
  • Burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ injuries

Too many motorcyclists believe that as long as they wear a helmet, they will be at risk for dangerous head trauma or life-changing traumatic brain injuries. However, a motorcycle helmet cannot protect you from head injuries 100 percent of the time. In addition, not all motorcyclists are required to wear helmets by Florida law and some choose not to do so. The risk of head injuries is higher without a helmet, of course, but the risk still exists whether or not you wear a helmet.

The above injuries can result in many different types of losses for motorcyclists. For example:

  • Medical bills – Motorcycle injuries can require emergency transport and treatment, hospitalization, surgical procedures, rehabilitative therapy, medical equipment, medications, and more. In addition, many injuries will require treatment long after a legal case is completed and estimated future expenses should always be considered as part of your accident-related losses.
  • Lost wages – Serious injuries can require a period of rest for recovery – especially if surgery is necessary. During this time, many patients will likely have to take time off work. Furthermore, some injuries prevent patients from working due to the nature of their jobs. For example, if you lift heavy objects or engage in physical activity for work, a back injury can keep you off the job until you have recovered. In either case, most people do not have enough paid time off to cover the time they need and, therefore, lose a substantial amount of income.
  • Other losses – Many losses are intangible and can include physical pain and suffering from injuries, mental trauma from the accident and injuries, permanent impairments, disabilities, or disfigurement, and more. These losses should all be calculated by a skilled personal injury attorney and included in any claim you bring.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics in Fort Lauderdale


Financial Recovery for Motorcycle Crash Victims

Once your damages are properly calculated, your attorney can identify who can be held liable for those losses. Florida law allows motorcyclists to hold negligent parties responsible for the harm they cause in accidents. Some examples of negligence that may lead to a motorcycle crash include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Drivers who violate traffic laws
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Defective motorcycles

Negligent parties may include other drivers, motorcycle manufacturers, or even government entities who neglect to perform proper road maintenance. In any situation, you need the right law firm on your side that is ready to fight for the compensation you deserve from all possible parties.

At Meldon Law, we know your focus should be on your healing and recovery, so we handle every aspect of the legal process on your behalf. We can handle insurance claims, personal injury lawsuits, settlement negotiations, and more – whatever it takes to obtain proper compensation for your losses.

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