Case Result: DUI and Criminal Defense

Charge: DUI with Property Damage

A Gainesville Police Department Officer responded to a report of a suspicious person and found the driver passed out in her vehicle in a parking garage. When the officer approached the vehicle the driver appeared unconscious in the driver’s seat and the vehicle was running and in drive. The driver was difficult to wake up. […]

Charge: DUI

An officer with the Gainesville Police Department noticed a vehicle driving without headlights and weaving across the fog line. After initiating a traffic stop, the officer smelled alcohol emanating from the driver and noticed empty beer cans in the vehicle. The driver claimed he had just left a bar in downtown Gainesville, Florida. He consented […]

Charge: DUI

The driver was observed traveling with inoperable taillights. A Gainesville Police Department Officer stopped the vehicle after the vehicle crossed over the shoulder line of the road. The driver reportedly had a moderate smell of alcohol emanating from his breath and displayed glassy, watery eyes. The driver performed field sobriety exercises. During the HGN exercise, […]