Reduced Charges for DUI Driver Observed Swerving


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A Gainesville Police Department officer observed a driver swerving and failing to use a turn signal. The driver occasionally traveled in the bike lane, changed lanes without signaling, and was speeding. Once apprehended, the driver claimed to be driving home from the Dragonfly Restaurant in Gainesville where he had only consumed one drink. The officer observed smell of alcohol, slurred speech, and glassy, watery eyes.  

A responding Gainesville Police Department officer requested that the driver perform field sobriety exercises, which the driver refused. However, the officer noted that the driver lost his balance and used the patrol vehicle for stability. The driver also refused to consent to a breath test. However, after retaining Meldon Law, the driver pled to the reduced charge of Reckless Driving with Alcohol and the driver was able to avoid jail time. Furthermore, he was not convicted of any crime and received zero points on his driving record.