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Charges: DUI, Possession of Less Than 20g of Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer conducted a traffic stop after a vehicle failed to maintain a single lane and ran a stop sign. The officer requested that the driver of the vehicle step back to the officer’s vehicle with his driver’s license for safety. As the driver exited the vehicle, he appeared to be unsteady on his feet and moved slowly. The driver had a difficult time retrieving the driver’s license from his wallet. The officer explained the reason for the stop and noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver’s breath when he spoke. The driver’s eyes were watery and bloodshot and his speech was slurred.

The driver was asked to perform field sobriety exercises at another location, as their current location was not appropriate for the exercises. The driver agreed and rode with the officer to a nearby gas station. The driver performed poorly on the field sobriety exercises and was arrested for DUI. The driver was transported back to his vehicle, which was searched. The search revealed a homemade marijuana pipe. There was also a clear plastic baggie containing a leafy green substance, which appeared to be marijuana. After the officer discovered the substance, the driver stated that it was “all personal use.” The driver was read implied consent and provided two breath samples of 0.115g/210L and 0.108g/210L.

The driver retained Meldon Law and following the filing of a Motion to Suppress we were able to negotiate a favorable plea offer with the State Attorney’s office. The driver entered a plea of no contest to the DUI charges and received the minimum allowable penalties. All of the other charges against the driver were dismissed.

Charges: Leaving the Scene of an Accident With Property Damage, Resisting an Officer Without Violence

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer was sitting in his vehicle when he heard a crash. The officer proceeded to the scene of the crash to investigate. When the officer arrived he witnessed a male attempting to help the front right passenger from the wrecked vehicle. The driver had failed to negotiate a curve in the road and skidded onto a median colliding with two small trees, four large clay pots, and a light pole. As the officer approached, the male left the scene on foot, running towards a wooded area. The officer requested backup and proceeded to chase the individual into the wooded area but ultimately lost sight of him. The officer called out several loud verbal commands to stop, but the individual continued to hide and flee.

At the scene of the crash, the passenger identified the individual as the driver of the vehicle. After several hours of searching, the search was determined to be unsuccessful and was called off. The passenger was the step-brother of the driver. During the investigation, the mother of the passenger arrived on scene and stated that her husband received a phone call from the driver that he was involved in a crash and wanted to be picked up. The officer checked his computer system and confirmed that the individual who fled was the individual named by the family members as the driver of the vehicle. Officers completed the crash report and filed a warrant affidavit for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and resisting an officer without violence.

The driver retained Meldon Law and we were able to negotiate a plea deal with the State Attorney’s office. Originally they requested that the driver plead guilty and spend 30 days in jail, but we were able to reduce the charges to a withholding of adjudication on leaving the scene of an accident, with no jail time and minimal fines. The charges of resisting an officer without violence were dismissed as a result of this plea deal.

Charges: Possession of More Than 20g Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Maintaining a Dwelling Where Drugs Are Used or Sold

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer stopped a vehicle for an expired tag. Upon contacting the driver and explaining why the officer stopped him, the officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The officer conducted a search of the vehicle incident to that odor and discovered several small plastic containers, each with a small amount of a green leafy substance. The officers training and experience led him to believe this was marijuana. Additionally, there were glass marijuana pipes and a box of rolling papers. The driver admitted that the substance was marijuana and that the items belonged to him. The driver was released from the scene and advised that the sworn complaint would be filed in reference to the drug violations.

The driver retained Meldon Law and we were able to enroll the driver in a deferred prosecution program. This program allows for the state to drop the charges against the driver if he completes certain specific requirements. The driver did complete the requirements of his program and all charges have been dropped by the state.

Charge: No Valid Driver’s License

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer stopped a vehicle for failing to obey a stop sign and the driver produced a driver’s license that had expired in 2007. The driver stated she was unaware that the license had expired. The driver was issued a citation and this type of violation requires a court appearance. The driver was from Venezuela and was in the process of moving back to Venezuela as her work visa had expired.

The driver retained Meldon Law and we were able to negotiate an out-of-court agreement with the State Attorney’s office. In exchange for satisfying certain agreed upon charitable donations the state dropped all charges against the driver and the case was closed.

Charge: Unlawful Race

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer observed a group of people on the side of the road with a video camera. The officer saw two vehicles driving southbound on the roadway that sped up after passing the officer. The vehicles appeared to intentionally drive recklessly. One vehicle drove off the shoulder and spun out of control. A second officer conducted interviews of the suspects and it was determined that the driver of the vehicle drove an unregistered vehicle exhibiting a high rate of speed followed by high speed braking and evasive maneuvers which resulted in the vehicle becoming stuck in the ditch.

The driver retained Meldon Law and we were able to enroll the driver in a Deferred Prosecution program. This program allowed for a dismissal of the charges after the driver paid a minimal fine, attended a driver improvement course, and a victim impact panel. The driver successfully complied with these requirements and the charges against him were dropped.

Meldon Law Negotiates With State Attorney’s Office for Reduced Fines in DUI Case

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer saw a vehicle drifting in lane. As the officer followed the vehicle he observed it drifting over the lane marker multiple times. The vehicle was stopped and when the officer made contact with the driver he noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver’s window area. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle, which she did unsteadily. The driver did not have her driver’s license and informed the officer that she believed that a local bar had the license. The driver admitted to having one drink and had watery, red, bloodshot eyes. The driver consented to field sobriety exercises and informed the officer that, although she had a prior DUI conviction, she was not intoxicated at the moment.

During the horizontal gaze nystagmus test the driver lacked smooth pursuit with both eyes and moved her head. She was unable to hold her eyes at maximum deviation and swayed during the exercise. During the walk and turn exercise the driver failed to maintain the starting position during the directions, swayed, and used her arms for balance. She missed heel to toe steps on every step and failed to take the proper number of steps. The driver used her arms for balance and placed her foot down three times during the one leg stand exercise. During the finger to nose exercise the driver placed her whole hand on her face trying to find her nose. The driver was arrested and read implied consent. She blew 0.157g/210L and 0.162g/.210L and received citations for DUI and failure to maintain a single lane.

The driver retained Meldon Law and we were able to negotiate with the State Attorney’s Office a favorable plea deal which reduced the fines by $1000 and reduced the time for a vehicle ignition interlock device by one year. Despite pleading guilty to a previous DUI in 2010, the driver was able to avoid jail time.

Meldon Law Were Able to Secure a Lesser Charge of DUI Which Did Dot Include Any Jail Time

DUI and Criminal Defense

Gainesville Police Department officer responded to multiple citizen complaints regarding a vehicle parked within a traveling lane. Deputies observed a man asleep in the driver’s seat with the vehicle running and in “drive.” After much difficulty, officers were able to rouse the driver who appeared very disoriented. He agreed to perform field sobriety exercises. During the HGN test, lack of smooth pursuit and distinct jerking at maximum deviation were present in both eyes. He stepped off the line and failed to continue walking after making the turn on the walk-and-turn exercise. During the one-leg stand, the driver swayed to the point of almost falling and failed to count out loud. He could not keep his eyes closed during the finger-to-nose test and pointed to the side rather than forward after touching his nose.

Upon arrest, the driver was unable to provide enough volume of breath sample to determine breath alcohol level but the breath samples that were provided were 0.198 and 0.219. Additionally, a search of his car revealed an almost-empty bottle of Jagermeister on the rear floorboard. Driver had a prior reckless driving charge. Driver received an initial plea offer including 1 year probation, 1 year drivers license suspension, and 6 month ignition interlock. Ultimately, attorneys at Meldon Law were able to secure a lesser charge of DUI above .08g/210L but below .15g/210L, which did not include any jail time.

Driver Receives a Non-Jail Sentence Even Though the DUI Involved Property Damage.

DUI and Criminal Defense

A driver turned without yielding the right-of-way and struck a scooter. Gainesville Police Department officers noted several indicators of impairment. Though the driver claimed to have consumed no alcohol that day, he smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and bloodshot, watery eyes.

He consented to field sobriety exercises and performed poorly. During the HGN test, he demonstrated a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes and failed to follow the instruction of keeping his head still. He took too many steps during the walk-and-turn and used his arms for balance. Further, he could not maintain a raised foot and failed to count out loud during the one-leg stand. He also failed to point forward and touch his nose during the finger-to-nose exercise.

The driver provided two breath samples of .176g/210L and .174g/210L. Despite these samples, after hiring Meldon Law, the driver received the lesser sentence of DUI above .08g/210L but below .15g/210L. Additionally, the driver received a non-jail sentence even though the DUI involved property damage.

Reduced Charges for DUI Driver Observed Swerving

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Gainesville Police Department officer observed a driver swerving and failing to use a turn signal. The driver occasionally traveled in the bike lane, changed lanes without signaling, and was speeding. Once apprehended, the driver claimed to be driving home from the Dragonfly Restaurant in Gainesville where he had only consumed one drink. The officer observed smell of alcohol, slurred speech, and glassy, watery eyes.

A responding Gainesville Police Department officer requested that the driver perform field sobriety exercises, which the driver refused. However, the officer noted that the driver lost his balance and used the patrol vehicle for stability. The driver also refused to consent to a breath test. However, after retaining Meldon Law, the driver pled to the reduced charge of Reckless Driving with Alcohol and the driver was able to avoid jail time. Furthermore, he was not convicted of any crime and received zero points on his driving record.

Driver Observed Traveling Without Headlights

DUI and Criminal Defense

A driver was observed traveling without headlights and with a flattened left front tire. Moreover, upon turning the driver drifted about the roadway and struck the curb. Law enforcement stopped the car and discovered that the driver was not in possession of her license.

The driver exhibited several signs of intoxication. She swayed upon exiting the vehicle and had bloodshot, watery eyes. She agreed to perform field sobriety exercises. She demonstrated a lack of smooth pursuit and distinct jerking in both eyes during the HGN test. She failed to maintain her balance and touch heel-to-toe on any of the steps during the second exercise. She attempted to hold up her leg during the one-leg stand and the officer instructed her to stop for fear that she would fall. The driver also failed to keep her head tilted back and touch her nose during the finger-to-nose test.

Ultimately, the driver was arrested and she agreed to take a breath test where she blew .183g/210L and .170g/210L. After hiring Meldon Law, she received the lesser charge of DUI above .08g/210L but below .15g210L.