Levy County Leaving Possession of Marijuana Charge Dropped

DUI and Criminal Defense

A Williston Police Department officer observed a vehicle turn left off of Northeast 6th Blvd. onto North Main Street. The vehicle turned into the wrong lane and continued to travel in the opposite lane for about two blocks.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The officer had the driver exit the vehicle. The officer observed a small, clear baggie with a green leafy substance in it. A field test was conducted that had positive results for marijuana.

A subsequent search of the vehicle was conducted. The officer located a pipe, a grinder, and additional amounts of marijuana. These items also tested positive for marijuana. The driver of the vehicle was placed under arrest and taken to the Levy County Jail.

The driver hired Meldon Law. After reviewing the discovery, speaking with the prosecutor, and providing some mitigating evidence, the attorney was then able to negotiate a resolution that resulted in the charge being dropped.

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