Gainesville, Florida Driver Tested Positive of Prescription Medication Has All Charges Dismissed

DUI and Criminal Defense

The driver crashed into the median on NW 39th Avenue in Gainesville, Florida. Many civilian witnesses reported seeing the driver swerving on the road prior to the crash. When Alachua County Police Officers arrived, they noted that the driver appeared disheveled and was slurring her speech and stumbling. The driver also had a straw with write residue on it. This residue tested negatively for cocaine but may have been a different narcotic in powder form.

The Officer began a DUI investigation and asked the driver to perform field sobriety exercises. The driver performed poorly and was arrested for DUI. The driver provided two breath samples that both were 0.0g/210L. The driver also provided a urine sample and indicated that her urine would test positive for multiple prescription medications.

After retaining Meldon Law, the state attorney dismissed all charged against the driver for insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. (Date of Arrest: January 9, 2013)

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