Driver Makes an Illegal Left-Hand Turn


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Gainesville Police Department officer observed a driver making a wide, illegal left-hand turn. After the officer activated his emergency lights, the driver swerved and stopped. She failed to exit her vehicle promptly and admitted to having consumed alcohol.  

A responding officer obtained consent to conduct field sobriety exercises and noted that the driver performed poorly. She exhibited lack of smooth pursuit and jerking at maximum deviation in both eyes, which were watery and bloodshot. She stepped off the line and completed too many steps on the heel-to-toe exercise. Further, she placed her foot down twice during the one-leg stand and failed to keep her eyes closed and touch her finger to her nose during the final exercise.  

The driver consented to a breath test, and provided two samples of .297g210L and .314g/210L. Despite the extremely high blow, she hired Meldon Law and attorneys successfully advocated for the lesser charge of DUI above .08g/210L but below .15g210L.