Charge: DUI


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The driver was observed traveling with inoperable taillights. A Gainesville Police Department Officer stopped the vehicle after the vehicle crossed over the shoulder line of the road. The driver reportedly had a moderate smell of alcohol emanating from his breath and displayed glassy, watery eyes. The driver performed field sobriety exercises. During the HGN exercise, he had lack of smooth pursuit and an onset of Nystagmus at 45 degrees. During the walk and turn exercise, he failed to maintain his balance, stepped off the line, and missed the heel-to-toe walking pattern. During the one leg stand, he could not raise his leg to a sufficient height, his foot touched the ground several times, and he was approximately 8 seconds off a normal count. Moreover, he swayed during the finger-to-nose test and missed touching his nose multiple times.

Following his arrest for DUI, the driver agreed to a breath test, and subsequently provided two samples of .130g/210L and .133g/210L. After retaining Meldon Law, he pled to the lesser charge of Reckless Driving with Alcohol.