Broward Country Driver Gets FL Driver’s License Back

DUI and Criminal Defense

In January 2018, a Meldon Law Client was driving in Broward County, Florida near Miramar Parkway when a Broward County Police officer pulled him over. Like almost every Florida DUI police report we read at Meldon Law, the Broward County police officer noted in his report, “a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath.” The Meldon Law Client performed the field sobriety exercises as requested by the Broward police officer and allegedly consented to a Blood Alcohol Level (“BAC”) test, which purports to read the amount of alcohol in a person’s body based on a breath test sample. The Broward County police officer charged our client with DUI (“Driving Under the Influence”).

Just as our South Florida DUI book stated would happen, after the Broward Officer charged our client with DUI, he took his driver’s license which was automatically suspended. (free copy of a South Florida DUI manual found here). While many Florida criminal DUI lawyers do not attend the Administrative Formal Review Hearings (“FRH”) for their clients, the attorneys at Meldon Law not only believe we owe it to our clients to attend and contest the invalidation of the suspension of their Florida driver’s license, but Meldon Law maintains that these formal review hearings can be vital to fighting the criminal DUI charges in Florida criminal courts. Think about it: a seasoned, Florida criminal defense attorney is able to speak with the arresting Broward County officer who charged our client with a DUI under oath before speaking with the Florida state prosecutors!

While the Broward County officer may have arrested our client for DUI and taken his Florida driver’s license, we fought to get it back and sure enough, we won! Meldon Law presented Florida legal precedent and case law that supported our client’s position that the suspicion should be invalidated and the hearing officer agreed.

While Meldon Law will never promise results, we can guarantee you that if you are arrested in Florida, Broward County, Palm Beach County, or otherwise for DUI, we will go to bat for our clients, not only in the Florida judicial proceedings relating to the DUI like the FRH; but in court as well.