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Date:May 27, 2019
Watch for Drunk Drivers on Florida Highways and City Streets

At the same time that you leave your home for a quick trip to the store, someone else is likely leaving a bar or party across town. That individual’s decision to have a few drinks before getting behind the wheel may result in devastating consequences if he or she collides with your vehicle. In such […]

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Date:May 25, 2019
Boating Under the Influence (Field Sobriety Exercises)

During an investigation for driving under the influence an officer may ask a person if they would agree to participate in a few exercises so the officer can determine if they are ok to drive. The most common exercises are Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), the walk and turn, one leg stand and finger to nose […]

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Date:May 23, 2019
Boating Under the Influence

With the summer months approaching many people will take to the Florida’s vast and beautiful lakes, rivers, and other waterways for some fun in the sun. Keep in mind though that just because you are on the water and not a road or highway you aren’t immune from being arrested for operating a vessel under […]

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