Blog: Big Truck Accidents

Date:March 27, 2017
Speed Limiters Halted in Their Tracks

Due to their immense size, tractor trailers pose a significant threat on the road; as such, the Department of Transportation (DOT) was poised to mandate that these road giants use speed limiters to physically limit their maximum speeds. The mandate’s inspiration was to increase road safety while decreasing carbon emissions. According to a report in […]

Big Truck on Road
Date:November 21, 2016
Dangers of Tanker Trucks

Commercial trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. Some commercial vehicles are designed to carry passengers and others a specifically to transport goods. Some products may have unique properties that require a special type of truck. For example, oversized or awkwardly-shaped materials may require a flatbed trailer. Another type of special truck commonly seen […]

Big Truck Lawyers in Florida
Date:September 30, 2016
What Makes Large Truck Accidents Different?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates1 that there were approximately 438,000 large trucks involved in police-reported crashes during 2014. A substantial number of these accidents involved commercial trucks such as semis, tanker trucks, or other specialized vehicles that are operated by trucking companies that haul goods and materials for a profit. There are […]

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