Blog: Big Truck Accidents

Date:February 19, 2019
Tired Truck Drivers Put Everyone at Risk

Half of all drivers admit to driving while drowsy at least once. For truck drivers who spend hours on the road every working day, that number may increase substantially. Unfortunately, drowsy driving increases accident risk and often increases the severity of accidents. Tired truck drivers put everyone on the road around them at risk for […]

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Date:February 11, 2019
Who is Liable if I Am Injured by a Bus Accident?

We get this question a lot. As with many questions personal injury lawyers field, the answer is: It depends, primarily on the facts of your case. Typically, however, if you have been injured or damaged as a result of a bus accident, there are several parties the experienced team at Meldon Law may look to […]

Fort Lauderdale Bus Accident Attorney
Date:January 29, 2019
Four Basic Steps to Take Following a Bus Collision

Every day, countless children and adults ride buses to and from school and work, while others take buses for tours. Although most bus trips are accident-free, sometimes crashes do occur. When bus collisions happen, they’re usually much more severe than just the usual vehicle fender bender. Because buses are significantly larger and have more occupants […]

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