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Ocala Truck Accidents | Understanding and Preventing Rollovers


While travelling on Florida’s roadways, you have likely encountered a semi-truck driving alongside you. These trucks dwarf the other vehicles with their massive size and weight. Unfortunately, when accidents occur involving a large truck, the injuries and property damage that result are often magnified. This includes rollover accidents where the driver of the truck cannot balance the vehicle after taking a sharp curve, swerving to avoid debris or other cars, or hitting a bump in the road. The truck subsequently rolls, leaving devastation in its wake. The following is an overview of the types of Ocala truck rollover accidents and possible ways to prevent these incidents from occurring.

What are the common types of rollover accidents in Florida?

  • Tripped – Tripped rollovers occur when a large truck hits an obstacle, such as a curb or a shoulder. The force causes the truck to rollover.
  • Non-tripped – Non-tripped rollovers happen on flat ground. This type of semi-truck rollover accident happens less frequently than tripped rollovers. Typically, a non-tripped rollover is the result of the driver attempting to brake sharply while turning at the same time.

How can semi-truck rollover accidents in Florida be prevented?

  • Reduce speed when entering into turns or curves, especially freeway exit ramps.
  • Provide adequate warning signs about sharp turns.
  • Provide sufficient training and educating about proper loading of trucks.
  • Properly maintain roads.
  • Enforce maximum height and weight standards for semi-trucks.

Following an accident, you may incur several thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. Contact an experienced Ocala truck accident attorney who can help protect your legal rights (800-373-8000). Our compassionate and skilled team at Jeffrey Meldon & Associates offers a free consultation to discuss your case.

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