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Discussing Auto Accidents With a Gainesville Insurance Adjuster


Based on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institution, there were 2,336 deadly crashes in Florida in 2014, resulting in 2,494 deaths[1]. Despite all these injuries, many consumers do not understand what steps to take or what fundamental info to share, or not to share, after an accident. People may even put their identities and safety at risk by sharing too much personal info. Consumers typically need to just share their names and correct vehicle insurance information, which should include the phone numbers of insurance providers. Sharing additional personal info, for example driver’s license numbers and home addresses, can place consumers, their property, and their safety in danger.

After an automobile accident, an automobile insurance adjuster will probably contact you. There are several things to remember before and during that dialog:

  • Personal Information: Supply your name, address, and telephone number in addition to your company’s address, but it is unnecessary for you to provide any additional private information regarding medical history, your income and the like.

  • Injuries: If the adjuster inquires as to how you were harmed, refrain from supplying a thorough description. You may accidentally leave out a detail or discover afterwards that an injury has worsened or that you have suffered additional harm.

  • Injury Details: Do not provide an official statement or engage in everyday dialogue with the adjuster regarding the automobile accident. You can provide the date and time of the injury and identify the make and versions of any vehicles that were involved, but are not required to discuss any additional specifics with the adjuster.

  • Remain Calm: Taking out your rage on the insurance adjuster does not help your case or allow you to receive reparation, while you might be upset about the accident and your injuries. It’s important to stay as calm and polite when speaking with an Alachua County insurance adjuster.

  • Settlement Offer: The insurance company can save additional work by quick settlements. The insurance adjuster may attempt to get you to settle for a smaller number before you understand what your injuries are and how much your claim is worth. Concurring may seem like a straightforward method to get damages without having to go through the claims procedure, and a fast resolution is often tempting, but it’ll almost certainly cost you money. Make sure to discuss with a Gainesville automobile accident attorney to review any recommended settlement in order to ascertain if it completely compensates you for your losses.

  • Prevent Recorded Calls: Many claims adjusters instantly drive casualties to give a tape-recorded statement, or casually ask if they may record the phone conversation, asserting that a recording will protect the victim after. It’s significant that you do NOT consent to have any dialogue recorded. There is no legal duty to be recorded, and it is against the law for an adjuster to record without the victim’s permission. The reason you should refuse is that most folks forget to say significant things, and tense up when they understand they are being recorded or describe things clumsily or incompletely. Dialogue or a verbal statement is almost never as accurate and comprehensive as the correspondence that is written after and sent to the insurance company. Additionally, recordings take on much more importance than they deserve as evidence of what happened. It can be nearly impossible later to correct or expand on what you’ve said in a recording. Politely but firmly reject an adjuster’s request to record your statements.

Call a Gainesville Automobile Accident Attorney

It is crucial that you discuss the auto accident with a Gainesville accident attorney when possible if you or someone you love is injured in a car accident. You may want to discuss speaking to an attorney ahead of communicating with the insurance adjuster from the other side. The seasoned automobile accident attorneys at Meldon Law comprehend the legal issues that may appear in a vehicle mishap and will consistently strive to ensure you recover any losses you may have incurred. Our attorneys are prepared to review your case today and to assist you in negotiating an insurance settlement or, if no deal can be reached, to file a suit on your own behalf under Florida law.

Shield yourself and your nearest and dearest by contacting Meldon Law for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case. We can give you a confidential and free consultation about your case and advise you of your legal options. Call our office today for a free consultation at 800-373-8000 or use our online form.

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