Arrested for DUI? Facing Criminal Conviction? Our Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help.

There is a big difference between being arrested and charged with a crime and being convicted of a crime. People get arrested every day in North Central Florida for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol and face other criminal charges.

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Police Mistakes In Criminal Cases

However, keep in mind, being charged with a crime does not make you guilty of that crime. The phrase "Nobody is Perfect" applies to the police as much as it does to anyone else. Mistakes and procedural errors are common in Gainesville DUI/DWI and criminal cases.

A Florida DUI Charge Should Not Be Taken Lightly

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence, then you are facing a SERIOUS LIFE ALTERING EVENT and you need to make some important decisions IMMEDIATELY! 

Why is it so serious? Here are only a few of the many reasons that a DUI charge in Florida should be fought vigorously:

  • A DUI in Florida is a mandatory criminal conviction! This is more serious than many felonies and can affect the rest of your life.
  • A conviction means that if you are guilty of the crime, then your DUI record cannot ever be erased, sealed or expunged. A DUI doesn't go away. It can affect your present and future employment, admission to graduate schools, military options, and insurance rates.
  • A DUI conviction in Florida will cause your insurance rates to skyrocket to as much as $3,000 to $5,000 per year for the next 3 to 5 years.
  • University of Florida students may face suspension or expulsion.
  • Your driving privileges could be completely revoked.

In addition, once you get arrested, there truly is no time to lose in starting your defense.  DUI charges in Gainesville and Ocala carry a mandatory license suspension. Can you imagine trying to get to school, work, shop for groceries or pick your kids up from school when you have no driving privileges at all?

After being arrested for DUI in Alachua County, FL, hire the best, the most qualified and the most experienced DUI legal team to represent you. Don't wait to get help; it will only hurt your case. 

How Florida DUI Cases Are Won

A successful DUI defense is one where either the charges are dropped or reduced to a lesser charge that won't have the same disastrous long lasting effect on your future. DUI cases are often won by examining the minute details of each case. This requires being up to date on the latest in DUI technology such as the CMI Intoxilyzer 8000, knowing and employing cutting edge defense strategies including questioning the validity of the Field Sobriety Testing, and having the experience, expertise, time and knowledge to make a successful defense.

Selecting a DUI/DWI Defense Attorney

DUI cases are more complex and complicated to defend than many other felonies. The number of DUI cases successfully defended over a long period of time is how a lawyer becomes skilled at DUI defense. This is THE single most important criteria for selecting a DUI lawyer.  It is critical to hire an attorney based on their qualifications and experience.  Experienced, skilled representation is THE most important factor in a successful DUI defense.  

Why Meldon Law for Your DUI Defense?

As trial lawyers, Meldon Law is dedicated to preserving the rights of the accused. DUI defense is a sub-catagory of criminal defense lawyers, and not all criminal defense attorneys handle DUI cases.  With six decades of DUI defense experience, our legal defense team including attorneys Jeffrey Meldon, Tom Copeland, and Carey Meldon have made DUI defense a concentration of their practice, and as a result they:

  • Are experienced in DUI and criminal defense cases in Gainesville, Ocala, and Alachua County.
  • Take pride in their work.
  • Are often referred cases from other lawyers throughout the state for DUI defense.
  • Are aware of the up to date defense strategies.
  • Became part of a statewide network of DUI attorneys that share defense information and tactics.
  • Have regularly taught DUI defense strategies to other attorneys throughout Florida.
  • Handled numerous DMV's Formal Review Hearing.
  • Handled numerous disiplinary actions on the behalf of University of Florida students, working with the University,  (Here is the latest news regarding disiplinary actions for students violating the Student Code of Conduct with a first time DUI arrest.)

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, contact our office in Gainesville or Ocala for a free consultation today by calling (877) 330-3530 now. 

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