Consequences of a Second (2nd) DUI: What are they, and when can I get my license back?

As an experienced DUI lawyer I can tell you, the stakes are high.  Generally, here's what you're looking at: loss of driver's license, imprisonment, fines, court fees, and more.  A second (2nd) DUI (driving under the influence) offense carries serious, potentially life-altering penalties.  In fact, a driver's license suspension may be the least of your concerns, if you are stuck in jail.  Since you may be dealing with years of consequences, I recommend consultation with an experienced DUI attorney-as soon as possible. 


Many second (2nd) DUI offense penalties depend on timing: how long ago was your initial DUI conviction?  Here are some possible scenarios:


  • 1. If your second (2nd) DUI offense occurred within five (5) years of your first (1st) DUI conviction, then you're facing at least five (5) years of license suspension.


  • 2. However, if your second (2nd) DUI offense occurred more than five (5) years after your first (1st) conviction, then the second (2nd) offense will be treated like a first-time offense, which typically carries a six (6) month to one (1) year license suspension. You may be eligible for a hardship business purpose only (BPO) license sooner.


Remember there are aggravating factors that may increase suspension times and fines, such as: blowing above .15 BAC; whether property damage, personal injury, or death resulted from the accident; or whether there was a minor present in the vehicle.

A second (2nd) time DUI conviction may also carry at least 10 days and up to one (1) year imprisonment, if the second (2nd) offense occurred within five (5) years of the initial DUI conviction. 

Additionally, your car may be impounded for 30 days if the second (2nd) offense occurred within the five year time limit.  The cost of fines ($1,000 to $4,000), probation (up to one (1) year), additional ignition interlock device time, and advanced "DUI school," and counseling may also be required.


My advice: consult with an experienced DUI attorney to take timely action.  For more detailed information, request a free copy of A DUI Guide for Alachua County .

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