What is the penalty for failing to stop for a school bus in Florida and are there any other consequences?

As an accident lawyer, that has seen the devestating effects of school bus accidents involving a child hit by a car, I can say that this is an important topic to be reminded of as school is starting.  Below I have given the penalties, however, keep in mind the biggest penality is not the price of the ticket for failing to stop for a school bus but the potential heart-breaking consequences if you should injure or kill a child or children because you failed to stop or were distracted by a cell phone or some other driving distraction and failed to stop.  According to Florida Statute §318.18(5):

  • The penalty for failure to stop for a school bus is $100, and for a second offense within a period of 5 years the driver will have his/her driver's license suspended for a minimum of 90 days and up to 6 months.
  • Penalty for failing to stop and passing a school bus on the side where children enter and exit is $200 with a driver's license suspension of 180 days to a year for a second offense within a period of five years.
  • In each case, a penalty of $65 is imposed in addition to the above amounts in to be remitted to the Administrative Trust Fund of the Department of Health.