What are the rules in Florida regarding stopping for a school bus?

As an accident lawyer I can tell you that this is a good question to ask especially now at the beginning of the school year in Alachua County. Here is the information on rules regarding stopping for school buses:

You should always stop for a school bus with its lights flashing; except if you are driving on a divided highway in the opposite direction of a bus and there is at least five feet of unpaved space, a raised median, or a physical barrier (concrete abutment) separating the roadway on which you are travelling from the roadway where a bus stopped. Only then you can continue to drive at a legal speed, but should still drive with an increased awareness that children might be around.

In all other situations, you must stop when you see a school bus that has its stop lights blinking and stop signs showing, regardless of whether you are behind a bus or facing a bus, driving in the opposite direction.

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