What are the penalties for illegally passing a school bus in the state of Florida?

Passing a school bus either when it is stopped or when it is preparing to stop is illegal because of the danger it poses to children entering or exiting the bus. You should always be alert when driving behind a school bus because of this risk.


If a driver illegally passes a school bus it is considered a moving violation and the driver may be ticketed.  In Florida, illegally passing a school bus can add four points to your license. The fine a driver is penalized with depends on the whether they attempted to pass the school bus on the right or left side. For drivers who illegally pass a bus on the left side, the fine is $165. This amount increases to $265 dollars for drivers who illegally pass on the right side of the bus, since that is the side where students board and exit.


Penalties also increase if the driver has already been cited for illegally passing a school bus before. If the motorist has illegally passed a school bus before and is ticketed again within the next five years, in addition to the typical fine they can have their license suspended for a minimum of ninety days or a maximum of six months.


Please remember, obeying the law around school buses has little to do with the penalties incurred, it has to do with the safety and welfare of our children.  Know when to stop for a school bus and follow the law.

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