I was arrested for DUI off campus and now UF is sending me a letter regarding disciplinary actions, can they do that?

Yes, The University of Florida, in Gainesville, has very strict policies regarding students charged with DUI, even if the arrest occurred off campus and even if the student is found not guilty of DUI in criminal court.

  Here is the common course of events:

  • Within a few days of the student’s arrest, the University is notified by the police department.
  • The University will then contact the student arrested for DUI, usually by mail, requesting that student schedule a meeting with a Student Judicial Affairs Officer.
  • At this meeting the Officer will review with the student his or her options for a “hearing” on the matter.
  • At the hearing the student has very limited rights to defend themselves and the police officer’s version of what happened will probably be accepted at “face value”.
  • If the University of Florida finds you “responsible” for violating the student conduct code, they can impose sanctions that range from conduct probation to suspension or expulsion from the University.
  • Here is the latest news regarding sanctions for Student Code of Conduct violaitons for first time DUI.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip:   It is important to hire a Gainesville DUI lawyer that is experienced in representing students at UF’s “hearings”, and includes the service in their fee.   An experienced DUI defense lawyer can intervene and in some cases avoid suspension or expulsion for the student.