Do I have to wear a helmet to ride my motorcycle or motor scooter in Florida legally?

 Florida repealed the universal helmet law in 2000 for riders over the age of 21. So if you are over 21 years of age, you do not have to legally wear a helmet.  However, if you choose to not wear a helmet, you are legally required to carry $10,000 of Medical Payment Insurance. 

  Jeffrey Meldon Tip:   Beware; if you are in an accident and were not wearing a helmet, you are three times more likely to suffer a serious brain injury than if you were wearing a helmet. And your hospital bills will be on the average double as much when compared to helmeted riders.  Just the initial Emergency Room Bill could be easily over $50,000.

 Jeffrey Meldon Tip:   If you are going to ride, and especially if you are going to “ride free”, I strongly urge you to have Uninsured Motorist Coverage to protect yourself in the event you are in an accident with a vehicle that is underinsured on not insured at all (which is 50% of vehicles on the road today).

 Jeffrey Meldon Tip:   Currently there are 20 states plus Canada that require universal helmet use for all motorcyclists, including Florida’s neighbors – Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, so if you plan on riding out of Florida, beware!

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